Convoy Solutions LLC d/b/a IdleAir was formed in 2010 as a provider of electrification and efficiency solutions to the trucking industry. It acquired IdleAir’s truck stop electrification (TSE) network soon after the insolvency of the prior operator with the expectation of redeploying the assets and managing them in a cost-effective manner.

IdleAir’s TSE solution uniquely addresses a problem that contributes to over a billion gallons of diesel wasted each year – over one million truck drivers spend each night resting in the cabs of their trucks while running powerful diesel engines for cabin comfort.  At a parking area equipped with IdleAir’s TSE, drivers can alternatively connect a computerized service module to the truck’s window and pay hourly (roughly half the cost of idling) and receive heat, air conditioning, internet, electricity, and TV.

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Subsequent to the acquisition, IdleAir built 25 new EPA SmartWay verified TSE facilities with refurbished electrification hardware. Notably, newer locations are within one of the dedicated terminals of some the nation’s premier trucking fleets such as CR England, US Xpress, CFI, Covenant, and Schneider.

The American Carbon Registry awarded Convoy Solutions LLC the 2015 Corporate Excellence award for registering and selling its carbon credits to companies like GM and Virgin Atlantic on the voluntary carbon market. Convoy Solutions has completed several IdleAir TSE projects in partnership with power companies, such as Duke Energy, TVA, and Entergy. In addition, Convoy Solutions built various IdleAir TSE facilities with federal programs such as the US DOT’s Congestion Management and Air Quality program and US EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act grants (both state and federally administered). IdleAir installations have a variety of configurations that address hotel loads for extended idling, higher voltage for refrigeration, as well as electric vehicle charging.

Egoba Terminal Nuevo Laredo, Mexico